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The peak body of Justices of the Peace Associations within Australia and New Zealand

Justice of the Peace Development

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JP Development

JP Accreditation
An introduction presentation for Justices of the Peace is available here. This is targeted at new JPs and those contemplating becoming a JP. 
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Development Plan
As a JP you may make yourself available to the community and you provide a valuable service.
The service you provide is very important and can have significant impact on your clients. It is incumbent upon you to ensure that you provide not only the best service, but also perform your duties correctly to assure the end user the documents are correctly witnessed to reduce the possibility of your client experiencing loss/damages or future difficulty when executing these. 

The Justice of the Peace Development Plan will help JPs improve their capability and also assist JP Associations plan and execute a comprehensive development program for their members.
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Course Endorsement
An association that is a member of the ACJA can submit a training course to the ACJA for endorsement. To be endorsed, the course must meet the standards specified in the ACJA Course Endorsement Rules. Endorsement is valid for five years.
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