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Beverly Alley JP

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Nelson Bay in New South Wales was the location for the 2011 ACJA meeting that Beverly attended for the first time. She has attended all ACJA meetings since then as either a Councillor or Observer for the ACT Justices of the Peace Association.

Beverly attended the August 2003 ACT JP training course and following delays in the Government processes for all the JPs in training at the time, she was finally sworn in as a Justice of the Peace in April 2004. After joining ACT JPA in the following year she became a member of the Executive in 2009; Vice President 2011 to 2014; and has been President since November 2015 as well as editor of the Association’s journal.

JP Signing desks started in 2012 in the ACT. Beverly is coordinator of two of these; as well as providing services at five JP signing desks in the community.

Beverly has always been involved with at least one volunteer organization at any time. These have included pre-school and school committees, community local sporting clubs. Calisthenics was a major part of her daughters’ sporting lives and Beverly was involved with the establishment of a new calisthenic club in the ACT; served on the Calisthenics ACT Board and then the Australian Calisthenics Federation Board for many years. In 2000 Beverly was honoured in being a recipient of the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Sports Medal in acknowledgement of her administrative services to the sport of Calisthenics.

With the onset of the GST regime in 2000 Beverly, as a registered tax agent, took the opportunity to commence her own tax accounting practice. She continues to provide these services to her clients albeit there is a slow movement in the direction of retirement in coming years.

Family is another strong passion for Beverly as she enjoys the delights of spending time with her husband, four adult children and ten grandchildren.

As we all know, jurisdictions across Australasia have several commonalities as well as many differences in respect of the role of the Justice of the Peace. Beverly has found the ACJA as a great forum for JP associations to discuss, share and benefit from one another. Beverly enjoys being a part of a team that constructively work together to achieve an organization’s aims—whether that be at local, state
or national / Australasian level. She looks forward to further contributing to the work and aims of