Australasian council of justices' associations

Bio - President

Rachael O'Grady JP

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Rachael attended her first ACJA meeting in Perth in 2016 before being elected to the executive as ACJA Vice President in 2019 and then as President at the AGM in 2021.

Appointed a Justice of the Peace for New Zealand in 2008, Rachael fills a number of judicial roles covered by New Zealand legislation. She has just recently stepped down from the Royal Federation of NZ Justices’ Association (RFNZJA) board after concluding her nine year tenure (VP 2016-2018, President 2018-2022). In her time on the RFNZJA Board, Rachael always made the best of opportunities to advocate for all Justices of the Peace in NZ.

Rachael has a background in education. She currently works in partnership with her husband on their sheep and beef farm in the Hawkes Bay on the eastern coast of New Zealand. In other avenues of service Rachael has been fortunate to hold governance roles in a variety of volunteer organisations. Through her varied experiences Rachael has built her governance philosophy around cultivating a sense of partnership across an organisation, strengthening teamwork and setting focused goals and strategies.

In recent years ACJA has made positive progress in advancing new initiatives in meeting its vision of improving the conditions of justices and seeking high standards of appointment and training throughout all jurisdictions as well as seeking to provide improved services to the community generally. Rachael would like to see that work continue and she offers her commitment to represent the best interests of ACJA.